Scotty, an Ontario outdoorsman wrote:

The goods have been received. Just a note to let you
know I picked up the mitts at post office today. I must
say, they are way above my expectations. The fit is
perfect and the workmanship is second to none. I will
be very proud to show them off, and when asked
where I got them, I'll reply "from a true man of the
north, Timberadobeavermitts company in Alaska,
U.S.A. Why, do you want a pair?"                              
Migwetch my friend.
One damn happy customer
Cindy is a Minnesota
X-country skier/snowshoer

I got my Timberado Beaver
mittens in year 2001. I spend
time in northern Minnesota,
Boundary Waters area. I get
compliments all the time.
Timberado Beaver Mitts are
the warmest mittens I have
ever had.
Cindy's Mittens
Sharon's mitts
Sharon shows off her new mitts to
her best friend, Splash, who seems
interested in a pair of her own!
Smart dog...
Are you a satisfied customer? Please take a picture of yourself wearing your mitts, doing the winter mitten-wearing activity you enjoy, and send it to us via
email with a little story. You may see yourself featured on our website!!
Thanks again! And keep your hands warm!
We are always delighted to get feedback from customers who buy our mitts.
Sometimes, the compliments almost make us blush with pride and satisfaction.

After all the years of warming hands around the globe we have so many
glowing reviews that we can put just a fraction of them on this website. We'd
like to share a few with you.
Jen's mitts
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2011 4:03 AM
Subject: Re: warm hands

Sorry it took me so long to write back... The
weather has been perfect for the mitts and I'm
sooooo glad I have them. My son plays hockey and
some of the games are outside, I'm nice and warm
while the others are freezing. I also have a horse
and we spend alot of time at the barn. Believe it or
not, my horse loves the mittens. I think he thinks it
is a new cat in the barn. They are the best things
and i can't believe it took me so long to get a pair.
Cheers and Thanks again!
Scotty's Mittens
Wayne's Mitts
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My mitts arrived 10 minutes ago.  I am almost speechless.
These are simply works of art.
I knew they looked very impressive from the picture you
sent, but now that they are in my hands, I can barely find
the words to express on how impressive your work is. I
have mounted a special hook on my wall above my desk
and they will be in clear view of everyone I see until
winter comes and I can wear them for real.

Thank you my friend. You should be very proud of your

I will keep in touch with you and give you a 'working
review' when my winter returns.

Truly magnificent.
Wayne Baiton
Prairie Boy - Saskatchewan, Canada
Hello Timberado Beaver Mitts!
I received the mitts yesterday and I'm absolutely stunned!!! Never
imagined they'd be so exquisite !!!

I'm very grateful to You. You are real masters of Your craft.  I'll consider
ordering one more pair from You.
I'll think how I want them made and write to you in a few days.
Thank You so much!
Anastasia, a customer from Russia,  loved the mitts she ordered for her husband so much  that she designed and ordered a pair for herself.
Anastasia's mitts
Dear Timberado,
As promised, greetings from Arkansas, and
pictures of the mitts in use in Eagle,
Alaska.  Just finished 420 miles with Wayne
Hall and Nate Becker from Bush Alaska
Expeditions.  Temps were very cold, but
hands stayed warm.  The other guys on the
trip wanted to borrow the mitts.  I told them
where to get their own.

Thanks again, for such a great product and
a work of art.

David Marsalis from Arkansas
David's mitts
Beaver mitts in a summer garden?
Another satisfied, though overly
anxious, customer in 91 F. degree
New York can't wait to wear her new
mittens and sneer at old man winter.
From: Sigi Peyer

Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2009 7:21 AM

Just received the mittens. They are AWESOME! Cannot wait for really cold
weather to give them a try outdoors. I really must congratulate you, the
workmanship, the fur, everything is first class. Thanks a lot! I am sure
that Trine will go "apeshit" and that Nina is going to be green with envy
until she receives hers (she is currently in Melbourne, Australia visiting
her Mum).

I will spread the word  here in Switzerland (got your flyers) and who
knows, you might receive some additional orders. I will also send you a
few pics once we have snow here (it is still quite warm). Anyhow, more
later and many thanks again. You are the Beaver-Man!!!
FROM: Chris Austin

I have had a wonderful experience working with
you. I really appreciate your flexibility to make the
mitts customized to my specific needs. The quality
was far beyond my expectations! Very durable and
neatly stitched! I have had the pleasure of wearing
them on Skidoo while trapping in -40 temps and can
say my hands have never been kept warmer. The
softness of the hide is an added bonus, softer then I
expected. Shipping was fair priced and received in
a short time (added bonus!)

I have been proudly wearing and showing them off
to all my trapping friends. You can count on me for
a referral. It has been a pleasure buying from you
and I am already looking forward to future

FROM: Denise Bachand
Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The mitts arrived yesterday and they are
wonderful.  It just so happens it was -5 here
yesterday so I got to try them out right away.  My
hands stayed warm!!!  I haven't been able to keep
my hands warm for years.  This is huge!  I
absolutely love the workmanship ... simply
spectacular.   I love the harness as well.  Hugely
fun and not seen in New England very often.  
Someone today commented on the mitts saying,
'those are ferocious mittens' ... Oh yes they are!
Thanks Timberado!
FROM: Ben Sykora
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014

Wow, what can I say? These mittens are pure art and function. I received them today and
they are unbelievable. It is clear that they take a long time to make and are all hand made and
sewn - although the seams are so strong it's amazing that you hand crafted them. The fit is
perfect, the P-1000 is very warm and I really like the additional liners as well, they will come
in handy for sure. The beaver pelt and elk skin is quality in animal product I have not ever had
the luxury of owning - I'm glad this is my first treasure. Thank you so much for your personal
touches on the mitts, your dedication and communication to get a great fit and your artistic
style to get a truly beautiful yet rugged piece of Alaskan art. I will start wearing these
immediately and will give them a good test this weekend ice fishing in the Rocky Mountains -
I will surely send you a picture!
My very best,
Hunters love these mitts!
"Easy on, easy off for shooting,
warm hands for accuracy. The
mitten harness is a must-have to
keep the mitts handy but out of the
way when shooting. Love the high
quality and superior workmanship"
FROM: Justin Haeckel

My mittens arrived today and all I can say is WOW!  They are very
comfortable and fit perfectly with a small pair of liner gloves on.  
The workmanship on these mittens is of the highest quality.  I am
in awe at the level of skill that went into the stitching.  I love
everything about them and cant wait to get on the ice or to do
some snowshoeing with them this weekend.  The harness is rad,
fits and looks really badass.  Hats off to you, I am very proud to
own a pair of your mittens.

On a side note, it was a pleasure to work with you.  I am
sometimes leary of ordering expensve items via the internet
because you never know what you will end up getting.  Your
customer service was excellent and the personal level of service
you provided me was what ultimately sold me on buying from
I'm pretty sure when the wife sees these she is going to want to
order a pair of her own.

one very happy customer,
A pair of our mitts went on a successful solo expedition over the Greenland icecap in 2014 with
adventurer Clemens Ritter of Germany. We congratulate Clemens on his accomplishment!

"And of course: my hands always stayed warm. On warmer days or in high activity, the big mitts were
too warm. On the cold days, for rest periods and the cold times in the morning and evening your
Timberado beaver mitts made a very good job. Perfect fit and really warm. I was 100 % satisfied."