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Granny’s Gold Rush Garage Gallery is a locally owned
Skagway, Alaska, gallery that is open year round!

Adventure, hardship, heartbreak and ultimate victory are woven through this true
story of one man’s Alaskan homesteading experience. After a series of disastrous
events leads to a bitter divorce and destroys a prosperous mid-Western farming life,
Travis hits the road in an old flatbed truck.   Aimless and aching, homeless, arrested
in a string of small towns in the Deep South for being a vagrant and other petty
‘crimes,’ he finds himself on a downward slide until he reads of Alaskan homesteading
in a Mother Earth News magazine, and begins to dream of his own land.  Travis
changes his identity to Jason Highcamp and that dream comes to life in the shadow of
Alaskan mountain splendor, where he creates a working homestead from little more
than thin air and his own rugged determination and guts.  Face-to-face encounters
with bears, surviving 60-below zero winters in a tiny dirt-floored lean-to, learning to
use dogs as draft animals to get the homestead work done – these are just a few of
the challenges he must overcome to carve out a life in harsh sub-arctic Alaska.  
Interviews and original diary entries are an important part of the historical record of
this homestead. Over two dozen pages of color photos from the homesteader's
personal collection and journal pages.
From the book, Building Alaskan Dreams: Jason Highcamp in
front of his first Alaskan dwelling, with dogs Major and Ginger.
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