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Beaver Mitts Notes of Interest

    1) Warm hands CAN light a fire and just might save your life one day.  
       Think about it!

    2) Beaver mitts DON'T MELT if you are too close to a fire, like nylon
    cloth mitts do. When you're out there with Mother Nature, safety is

    3) Beaver mitts hold a RESALE VALUE and don’t depreciate like cloth
    mitts do. Some mitts are still in use after 10 - 15 years. When you're
    done wearing yours, hang them (and the memories of the adventures
    you had while wearing them) on your wall as elegant art objects.

    4) Any Musher will tell you: Warm hands means better dog care and
    especially better foot care!! The same is true for other activities;
    whether you're on the snowmobile, on the dogsled runners, doing
    chores around the homestead, or trying to stay warm at the ball game,
    Timberado Beaver Mitts are serious winter gear.

    5) New Mitts can be snug like new shoes, but will stretch across the
    width to fit your hand; they WILL NOT stretch lengthwise!!
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Handmade mitts come in SIX colors of leather.
Optional liners available in various weights,
and over 30 colors.
Sizes: x-sm, sm-med, med-lge unisex and x-lge.
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Wrist bands - From top to bottom: Grey Clouds, Blue Sky Diamond, Borealis Petite (3/4 inch wide).
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Masterbuilt beaver mitts - heavy duty for maximum durability
NEW ITEM! These mitts are sewn with
industrial-strength thread, reinforced seams,
fringes and YOUR choices of all materials. Any
size of mitts. Specially selected elk, or you can
have moose, add $29.00 to the base price of
the size you order. Email me for assistance.
These mitts are special and require extra work
so I take great pride in sewing them just for
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