Mens Beaver Mittens
Mens sizes are unisex, medium/large, and extra large.
NOTE women with big hands also wear unisex, med/lge.
Mens unisex size med/lge,
200 weight tan polar fleece
liner. Native design
wristband. All brown elk
palms and gauntlets.
Order item #0106
200-weight grey polar
fleece liner. Designer
wristband. Tough
non-slip suede palms.
Black Elk gauntlets.          
Order item number #0107
Mens Size Xtra/large.
200-weight Mocha brown
polar fleece liner. Brown
elk gauntlets, tough tan
non-slip suede palms.
Green Designer nylon
wrist band.
Order item number #0108   
Mens Size Xtra/large, Blue
polar fleece liner. Black elk
palms and gauntlets. Blue
checked designer wrist band.
Order item number #0109
Custom Orders Welcome.
YOU design it and we'll sew it.

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Unisex Gold palms and gauntlets
with Ocean Blue PolarTec 1000
WindBlock liner.
Order item number #0110
Unisex Rust elk palms and
gauntlets with Olive PolarTec
1000 WindBlock liner.
Order item number #0111
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Mens size XLG Chocolate elk palms
and gauntlets with Olive PolarTec
1000 WindBlock liner.
Order item number #0112
NEW!! We now offer
ROUGH-OUT mitts!

The pair at right is done
in Chocolate brown elk,
"rough" side of hide out -
some people believe it
offers better grip and
others feel it gives the
mitts a richer appearance.
Unisex size, 'Red Wine
Red' liner in  PolarTec
Order # 0113.  $309
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Men's in New Color Caramel Mocha
(available in
Limited Supply) smooth
elk, brown Polar Fleece 300 weight
liner, silver native band, size unisex
medium-large. Order #0118  $299.00
New Color!!
Elk now available in Caramel Mocha!
Limited Supply!!
Men's size unisex medium-large,
chocolate elk with rough out palm,
midnite blue PolarTec 1000
windblock liner, aztec wrist band.
Order # 0119 $ 309.00
Men's acorn smooth elk, black
PolarTec 1000 windblock liner, inca
wrist band, size unisex
medium-large. Order #0120  $309.00
Men's extra large in
chocolate rough out,
evergreen PolarTec
1000 windblock liner,
green check wristband.
Order item #0121 $319.00
Men's size unisex, chocolate
smooth elk, redwood-brown
polartec 1000 wind block liner,
inca wristband.
Order item #0122  $309.00
Traditional rough-out MOOSE hide mitts!
Natural color with BLACK beaver, Aztec
wristband, black P-1000 (wind-block) liner.
Size Unisex/large. $369.00

You can design your own with any of our
four colors of beaver, over 30 colors of
liner in a variety of weights, and one of
over 30 colors/patterns of wristband!

Email for the latest E-flyer with our colors
and options.

Moose hide mitts with blackbeaver, Aztec band.