Hi, I'm Trevor. I am an original 30-plus years
Alaskan homesteader/dog musher. As you may
already know, it's a hard life and takes hard core
endurance to live this lifestyle. Therefore, it
takes hard core equipment. I have mushed
plenty of trails and have gone through plenty of
mittens over many years. Through trial and error
I came up with the best possible design in mitts,
for warmth
and durability.

The pair of mitts seen in this picture are of
traditional Alaskan Native design with my original
extras sewn in. This particular pair is 11 years
old and have never, ever had to be resewn or
improved upon. The highest quality materials
and craftsmanship, AKA heart and soul, goes
into every pair of Timberado Beaver Mittens.  
A true log cabin industry!
True Alaskan homestead industry - Timberado Beaver Mitts.
Timberado Beaver Mittens are all over the
world and have seen many a dog sled race.
Timberado customers are not all dog
though; these mitts are worn by
snow machiners, arctic explorers  and
those who want warmth and exceptional
style, for pow wows and other dressy
occasions. Check out our
page to see where our mitts are
being worn.

So enjoy your mitts and realize they were
made out of necessity to meet extreme
needs on the Arctic terrain.    

Happy Trails!!!!!

The Original Timberado, Since 1998   
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