Description of Mitts
These traditional-style Alaskan designer beaver mitts are handmade, in
limited supply. They are made by a long-time dog musher for mushers
and outdoor enthusiasts.
Timberado Beaver Mitts are:
  • Completely hand sewn; the 1st seam is bee's-waxed thread, plus
    we put in a 2nd machine-stitched seam.
  • Top quality #1 grade beaver. No 2nds or shortcuts are taken.
  • Mitt body is #1 grade flexible elk, or with tough suede non slip
    palms, and we have a limited supply of natural-color MOOSE hide.
  • 200 or 300 weight sewn-in polar fleece or PolarTec 1000 WindBlock
    fabric liner.
  • Heavy duty nylon designer wrist band.
  • Fully breathable, fully-welted mitts for extreme durability, and
    rubber coated inseams, to stop water leakage for a limited time in
    case of emergency.
  • Completely hand sewn mitts are labor-intensive and require 15
    hours to complete.
  • You may wish to add wool inserts which will increase warmth. If so,
    be sure to choose one size larger.
  • Custom orders are welcome.                           

    The maker has worn these mittens comfortably with inserts to
    temperatures of -40 below zero F. for extended periods.
    Timberado Beaver Mitts are worn in major dog sled races and
    expeditions across Alaska, Canada and Europe.

Happy trails    
Custom orders:
You design the mittens you want and we'll
sew them for you, personally, as if for a
friend. Choose the colors you want and
design your own. See
Options page.
Questions? Email us from this link,
including your phone number so we can
call you
Each pair of Timberado Beaver Mittens is Certified MADE IN ALASKA:
they are "Authentic Alaskan Made."

We are truly a "bush" Alaska homestead log cabin industry.  

Our mittens are created on a traditional Alaskan Native pattern
which has been tried and tested on the Arctic terrain under extreme
conditions. See
About Us page.
Get the latest update on new
colors and fabrics.
Now over 30 colors available!  
Looking for a truly unique
gift for that special person?

Give them a
and they can design their
own beaver fur mitts!

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